Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what we wore wednesday

well, it's Wednesday again. we took more pictures of ourselves. now you can see them. sorry if you came to my blog to see pictures of, let's just say, PAPER!?!?! yeah, you won't see any of that here. 

seriously, do you like seeing what we wear? i know i'm not a crazy fashionista so i'm starting to wonder why i'm doing this. hahaha!

i had a picture of all the kids and i so you could see our full body outfits, but it didn't upload onto my computer from my phone and i deleted it before realizing it... boo. 

 i've got a really cute maxi dress on from TJMaxx with an ikat pattern in fuchsia, black, cream, tan, grey, orange, and coral. sounds crazy but i promise it's cute. and super comfy. i wore it with my tan Rainbow flip flops. 

 little a has on a striped tank from Target, jeggings (not seen here), and sunglasses and a necklace from the Swap Meet. 

 big A is wearing a Transformers tshirt that was a gift from my parents and plaid shorts from Target. 

and my husband made it in this week, wearing a camp tshirt from several years ago, a sweet beard, and his new RayBan frames. isn't he so handsome? 

big hug, little kiss.

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