Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Food Friday

i know what you're thinking, another reoccurring blog? with a really cliche name? that starts with all F's? you just wanna barf in your mouth a little? 

i'm thinking the same things too, truly. but i can't help it. i love cliche's. so you have to deal with it. plus, it's only our favorite food's while we're in San Diego, so you only have to suffer for a little while. 

ever since our little family moved away from San Diego back in October i think we realized how good we had it in food-wise. there are just so many great little places to get a wide variety of tasty delicacies. our good friend, Chelsey, had never been to this first restaurant and we felt responsible for teaching her the ways of good italian food. 

Chelsey, you're welcome. 

 both my husband and i have a long history with this restaurant. he went there with his family a lot while growing up and actually lived around the corner for the first 6 years of his life. i was a hostess there in my early adult years, and when we first started dating he brought his friends to "check me out" while i was on working one day. 

i guess they approved!

 Filippi's Pizza Grotto. the best italian food in San Diego. in my opinion.

 there is usually a crazy long line, well worth waiting in. it's kinda crazy, there are italian restaurants surrounding this one and they are always empty with the hostess just standing there bored to death watching all these people wait in a ridiculous line for Filippi's. 

view from our table.

 antipasto salad.

 fettucini alfredo.

 the sun started going down in these pics so they're really dark, but this is the lasagna (my fav) and spaghetti with a meatball combo plate.

 pepperoni pizza. 

and Chels. i love her. i'm so glad she's here. she lives in Fresno and it's crazy because i'm finding myself a little homesick and she's like a little piece of home. 


  1. SO JEALOUS! I love Filippies! You are making me home sick girl. I am coming down to SD next Friday...without the kids. Want to get together???

  2. oh em gee. diccios doesn't stand a chance. i want some NOW!


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