Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smitten Saturday: little a's room

whew. this has been a crazy day! 

today was my youngest's birthday, and we spent all day making special memories just for her. in honor of her special day i am doing a Smitten Saturday about all the things that are inspiring me for her big girl room make-over. she turned 3 so we want to get her out of her toddler bed and make all her crazy furniture match! 

so, here you go!

No. 1} mmm. pretty granny squares.
No. 2} EVERYTHING this girl does for her blog is RIDIC. especially her own daughter's room. i just want to move in. 
No. 3} this delicious poster of California is my fav for 2 reasons: 1) i love CA, 2) the colors are tasty.
No. 4} i like the idea of using a string of lights as a night light. it's so enchanting.
No. 5} mmmmore granny squares!!!
No. 6} this makes me want to change my name to Wanty McWanterson. 
No. 7} such a sweet little library, don't you think so Leah?
No. 8} i love the wall art, perfect for a little girl's room! and that bed! oh. 
No. 9} can you tell i love granny squares? ha!
No. 10} cutest.
No. 11} such a pretty shade of pink for that dresser
No. 12} if i can't find a good metal headboard for her twin bed i may just go with one made of pallets and a door like this.
No. 13} my girl loves tea, and i love these colors. perf!
No. 14} i'm sure she would love to see her name in lights yarn.
No. 15} (um, what was SUPPOSED to be no. 15... i guess i forgot to number it!) i would love to do a dollhouse make-over for the one from my childhood. maybe someday. 
No. 16} ACK! why is it so pretty!? and EASY!??!?!

did you miss Smitten Saturday? i DID! i love putting together inspiration boards and seeing all the pretty things i love in one place. it makes my eyes feel good.

here is a little peek are LOTS of pictures from her day of celebration!

 starting out the day right, with a mountain of whipped cream a well rounded meal!

 first bike. {stop growing little love, just for a bit.}

 dressed up for a proper tea party at The Victoria Rose.

 tea, scones, devonshire cream, lemon curd. dang.

 then we came home and had a balloon party. 

and i made the best strawberry cake there ever was on the face of the earth ever ever. 

 and of course we had to tap into our mexican side and partake in a little pinata violence. (sidenote: why do they make pinatas out of your favorite character? i don't understand why anyone would think that a little kid who loves Dora is going to want to get all her friends together and beat her with a stick!) 

 and now she's 3. for some reason this was a hard one for me. i love my children but i think this signified that i no longer have any babies. both my kids are big kids now. 

my, how time flies. i hope i am treasuring it as much as i think i am. 

what is making you smitten this Saturday?


  1. I read every word and savored each as if they were a freshly baked scone or the best cake on the face of the planet. I love your family. Happy birthday sweet girl.

  2. happy birthday sweet, sweet yaya. miss you all. can't wait to see you again.
    also, i LOVE your blogs. especially the ones where you share your ideas for decorating and you share photos of your family. you are such an inspiration to me. I feel so blessed that God placed you in my life :)


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