Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what we wore wednesday

i don't really think i'm all too stylish. i love classic, clean outfits without too much fuss. i don't have a ton of accessories, although i should since i do make jewelry. nonetheless, the only reason i thought it would be fun to do "what we wore Wednesday" was because i am a MAJOR control freak. letting my kids pick out their own clothes would force me to exercise losing control, in a non-harmful way. 

also, i tend to wear the same thing several times a week. when i worked full time before having kids i had my favorite outfits, but i had to rotate them about every two weeks so people didn't see me in the same thing all the time. well, my kids don't really care what i wear so if i didn't get a stain on it, i'm gonna wear it again. what?

anyway, here's Big A. he chose is vintage inspired Superman shirt from Old Navy; green, blue, and white plaid shorts from Target; and boat shoes. he also chose this pose. he thinks it's what super heroes do when they are resting. ??? that's cool buddy. also, his face is ridiculous. he is always this serious, always. love him.
Little A chose a lovely flower skirt (she will ONLY wear skirts or dresses, i don't even try to get jeans on her anymore) and a pink tank top. she paired it with brown riding boots. not my first choice but she looks great. i'm actually super impressed that my kids didn't totally pick super random patterns today because they usually do if i let them. they must have known something was up...

 my daughter wanted her hair down, but it grows straight into her eyes so i always have to keep it out of her face somehow. i'm still learning how to french braid so this is what she got, it looks more like a corn roll! and that huge tulle puff is also her pick. 

here i am. Big A took the picture. mexican hair. black cotton dress. gray leggings. faux snake skin sandals that i LOVE. i added the cuff for you, do you like it? 

this is what we wore today. exciting, huh?



  1. you guys are the cutest! i missed the wednesday hang out sesh. hope asher is feeling better.
    they sure did pick out some rockin outfits!

  2. You have such pretty hair! Little A's outfit is to die for, I love the boots with it.

  3. omg... Mexican hair had me in stitches! You guys are all looking good!


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