Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What We Wore Wednesday

well hello there. 

i'm so silly, i almost forgot today was Wednesday! for reals. that's what happens when you're a stay at home mom, away from home, at camp, with no calendar. thankfully my husband took some pictures of us on our way to dinner and i'm whipping up a post. thanks honey!

aren't you feeling so loved? i mean, i put absolutely NO effort into this outfit. actually, i was WAYYYY cuter this morning in a pretty floral summer dress and yellow scarf, but i changed before these pictures because the marine layer rolled in and i was cold. (did you hear that Fresnonians??? i said i was COLD! i know, that was mean.)

i pinky swear to be extra cute next week. cross my heart.

Big A is OBSESSED with this Thor helmet. he kinda looks like a little troll creeping around the parking lot here, but actually he is hunting for the best stick to replicate Thor's mallet. 
oh good, he found one. see all those leaves on the ground down there? yeah, he tore up that bush. get it Thor, get it. "kid Thor" (as he quickly corrects me if i ever use his real name...) is wearing a super wrinkled orange and plaid button up from Target and some jeans. i also made him put on closed toed shoes because of the chill in the hair. i hate ever thinking that those sweet little toes are cold!

little a chose a pretty pink and white floral tunic from Old Navy, jeggings from Target, a brown cardi and gold sparkle shoes, also from Target. here she is looking for caterpillars and cocoons under the map of the campus. 
i've got on a gray t-shirt from Old Navy for $3, navy blue super skinny cords also from Old Navy, and $3 moccasins from a thrift store in Fresno called Neighborhood Thrift. that super cute bag was a gift for my baby shower with little a and it is from Anthro (!). 
 we like Old Navy. specifically the sale rack where i can find things for $5 or less. i really hate spending money on clothes, but love to shop. i know, i'm crazy.

i'm sooooooo bummed because my mocs recently ripped. see it, over there on the left shoe? ugh. i love them so much. i'm thinking about duct taping them from the inside, but that's totally ghetto. do you have any suggestions? 
also, i may or may not have butchered my bangs. and by may or may not, i mean i did. i usually cut my own bangs and do a pretty good job, but something possessed me to go shorter!?!?! what? i know, i think i'm sleep deprived or something. please remove all scissors from our room until camp has commenced so i don't feel tempted to cut them again. bangs are not the portion of hair you should be taking risks with people. they are right at eye level and you can never tell if anyone is looking at your funky bangs or straight into your eyes. it's crazy making. 

good night and happy wednesday! 


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  1. hahaha-you all are soo precious.

    p.s. Thor has a hammer, not a mallet :)


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