Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We Wore Wednesday

today is ridiculously hot, like 100 degrees or something. so my kids pretty much wore these outfits for the photo shoot and to Target, then they came home and stripped down to their chones. 

ballerina little a in a dress from Target and flip flops from Old Navy. easy breezy. 

she chose to wear her hair in high pig tails and i had to practically wrestle her to the ground to put them in the little twisty buns. with it being so hot i thought i was being a thoughtful mommy by keeping her hair off her neck... but nooooooo, she has specific ideas about how she wants to look and i better not get in the way. sheesh. in the end, as you can see, i won because i'm the mommy. what?

 what a comedian. big A said this was his "handsome pose". yes, yes it is. he chose his Shawn White tshirt from target and some hand-me-down shorts from i don't know where. also, navy blue slip ons. he's also holding his pen pal letter from our neighbor down the street. he keeps it near and dear to his heart.

even whilst he does self defense moves. he wanted me to capture him doing a Kung Fu kick for his Papa (my dad is a 6th degree black belt in Kung Fu and taught it for many years). so, here you go Papa. 

 this is big A's pic of me. i'm wearing a Quiksilver shirt from Marshall's or one of those discounter stores that i love so much. it's silk and i LOVE the pattern. i paired it with my too short shorts from 2003, a $1 belt from Goodwill, and my rainbow flip flops. (do you love my dumpsters in the background? me too. it was trash day. sidenote: my trash guys come at 5:45am!!!!! what? no, that's not ok. can i call the city for that, i feel like they're breaking some letthegoodcitizensoftheworldsleeptilnormalhours code!? what time does your trash guy come?)

little a's pic of me. i had to be close by for this one, she makes me so nervous holding my iphone. she is not trustworthy yet. 

mkay, now i feel awkward. not sure how to close this.... 

i guess, HERE WE ARE!


P.S. don't forget to join me in gifting our husbands with some sweet sweet love making for father's day!

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