Thursday, June 30, 2011

what we wore wednesday

so i tried to update a post last night but blogger was down. now it's what we wore yesterday.
do you like how i'm posing so studiously on our corporate dorm housing two seater? i thought you would. i'm wearing a white wife beater under a turquoise Old Navy tank. my navy blue skirt is from Gap and it's RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. and my TOMS.

i love my TOMS. blue with yellow anchors. yum.

the kids were cranky after naps and didn't really feel like posing for pictures. so i secretly got them while having some craft time. big A is wearing a cute stripes polo with some cargo shorts, all from Target. 

little a is wearing a dress that looks like a t-shirt with ruffles on the bottom from Walmart. it was $5. LOVE.

i like to call this beach/messy hair. i strategically used a mixture of pool water and sunblock to create a textured look, then, while running after her, fixed a cute little clip to get her hair out of her eyes. 

and my bangs. they are still so, so messed up. i like to call these mydaughtercameatmewithscissors look. hopefully they will have a serious growth spurt before our family pictures with Jackie Wonders.... next week. yeah, i don't think so either. well, i can just say i did it on purpose. i mean, that look is totally in, right?

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