Monday, June 20, 2011

Smitten Saturday?

oh no, i'm kind of freaking out that i didn't do a Smitten Saturday this past Saturday and am feeling really bad that i haven't posted anything for a while. my little family packed our bags (a months worth) and headed down to San Diego for a month so my husband's band, 330 Plan, could lead worship for Hume SD
here they are, practicing before the morning chapel in front of the amazing set.

we will be setting up camp for the next month here. it's so nice to be back in our hometown but a little overwhelming to try to be present at the camp and still try to see all our family and friends. i get the feeling these next four weeks will go by fast and i want to treasure every moment! all in all, we are very happy to be here. 

little a, singing Hosanna in front of 200+ junior high schoolers
the least i can do is share with you all the amazing pictures i took on Saturday when i went to the Farmer's Market in Little Italy & Seaport Village with one of my besties, Heather.

big A decided he was Thor, all day.
flower inspiration for a friend's upcoming wedding. (Leah, these dahlia's would be so pretty in your centerpieces!)

mmm, golden raspberries. 

wow. just, wow.

while driving around Little Italy and Down Town i saw soooo many awesome backgrounds for pictures, i think i'll have to come back and just capture them all one day.

historic carousel.

coronado bridge.

me and the feather.

lola, the parrot, and big A. i mean Thor. 
sorry if my posting is a little more random and sporadic, i'll try to keep up with my goings on around San Diego. 

love. tara.

p.s. some people have mentioned that they had trouble leaving comments, i think i fixed it so comment away!

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  1. I love Seaport Village! I go there all the time! So glad you enjoyed it.

    Golden raspberries? For reals?!


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