Friday, May 25, 2012

font love friday + what we wore


this week has been FUNKY COLD MEDINA. 

that's why this post will be a little funky too. i didn't design anything this week but am super inspired by fonts and typographical illustrations all over the web so i thought i'd share some with you and give you a little eye party. i also took some pictures of us wearing clothes for a what we wore wednesday post but never posted about it... so i'm including them. 

happy long weekend. 

this is my tattoo inspiration. as soon as my husband approves, and we have extra cash, i want to get something similar to this on my back.

i'm over my mexican hair. this was wednesday and it was looking pretty unspectacular... so i washed and straightened it today and love it. 

no more mexican. at least for a while. like Christmas when we make tamales. that's the only other time i'm really mexican. 

little a is loving the leotards lately. that's a funny word. leo-tards. LEEEEOOO TAAAAAARDS. hahaha. i'm totally tripping out. 

if anyone wants to get her some leotards i would be one grateful mama. that's all she wants to wear lately and she only has TWO. fun times.

this guy.

he got to pick out his own shoes and is very excited about it. 

"mom! take a picture of the bottom of my shoe!". yes, very excited. 

here are lots of pictures of my silly kids. you're welcome.

ok. great. 

sorry i didn't tell you where any of our clothes are from. i hope to be back to normal brain functioning levels next week. 

but i can't promise anything. 

love tara.

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