Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what we wore

you're about to get some randomness. don't mind me. 

i am so tired lately. my routine is off and it's really starting to affect my day-to-day functioning. i have my coffee every morning, and as soon as it's done i wonder if i can have another. then again in the afternoon! i think it has to do with the fact that 3 days a week i'm waking up earlier than normal to do crossfit (at 5:30am!). 

i usually wake up between 6-6:30am, and take my showers at night, but on the days i work out i am waking up at 5am and showering after my work out. my body is out of rhythm! do any of you work out early some days? what do you do to keep your routine in check? should i just wake up at 5am everyday so i can feel normal again? that does not sound awesome, but i'm over being sleepy ALL THE TIME. 

shirt gifted / jeans chor from Marshall's / sandals TJMaxx / what i did nothing exciting.. just a walk around the block so the kids could ride their vehicles

i am really starting to like my natural hair. this is the third time in a row i've styled it this way after washing it. i only wash it every 7 days, so i've been wearing it like this for a while. straight out of the shower i just comb it with a wide tooth comb, blow dry my roots with my head upside down, and while my ends are still moist i add a mixture of leave in conditioner and coconut oil. then i let it air dry. soooooooo EASY!

sidenote: my sweet boy is having bully trouble, and it's breaking my heart! there's a boy in his gymnastics class that has been punching him repeatedly while they wait for their turn to work on a skill.  we've only been to two classes, but it's already pretty concerning. we want to make sure we're teaching Big A how to respond in a biblical way, while protecting his confidence and tender heart. 

{Big A}
sunnies target dollar bin / shirt target / shorts hand-me-downs / shoes children's place gifted / what he did demonstrated his sweet scooter skills while "jumping" off the "ramp" he found (raised sidewalk crack)

he has his next gymnastics class tomorrow night, so we're praying over how to coach him for when it happens again. if you think about it, will you join us in prayer? thanks.

{little a}
dress old navy / jellies old navy / what she did figured out that she can ride super speed on her bike

i love these shoes, i wish i has some in my size.

little a is getting so big. she'll be 4 this summer. most of the time she seems 3 going on 4, in every shape and form... but sometimes, like in this picture, i still see glimpses of her from when she was a baby. (must be the cheeks) i miss that. i miss my babies. they're growing up too fast. 

i'm not sure that i'm ready for these guys to be dealing with hard concepts like bullies, and being physically capable of riding their bikes faster than i can run... but these are the things that we are being handed right now, and it is making my heart ache. 

i just want to make sure i'm capturing their innocence, and holding it closely to my heart. i want to never forget these stages, or the ones they've grown out of. 

second sidenote: holding your coffee in one hand and your camera in the other hand is not the wisest choice while your children are riding their bikes, because when they fall it's really awkward running with your hands that full... 

just saying. 



  1. I've done that too except with a chai. lol I will be praying with you. I'm so sorry that's happening to your sweet boy.

  2. -Really love your sweet top.
    -Diggin your sandals.
    -So envious that you only have to wash your hair every 7days! (Mine looks sooo greasy by day 3.)
    -Bittersweet to see your babies growing up so fast (and without me!)
    -Praying for Asher...and for you guys. That's so hard. My kids have been bullied, it's so damaging to their fragile spirits!...sorry love. :(


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