Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what we wore wednesday

purple jeans? mmmyes.

i recently swung by Plato's closet here in Fresno and found this pair of purple jeans. i was pretty unsure about how practical they were and what to wear them with and had to ask two of the people who worked there for advice (they happened to be indifferent young girls, next time i'm taking a friend shopping with me!). i love the colored jean look right now, and they fit really good, so i decided to go ahead and grab them. 

top marshall's / cami marshall's / jeans piper & blue from plato's / shoes target, last summer / hair mexican / what i did still trying to embrace my messy natural mexican hair, ie: wavy only in the back. this is HARD for this perfectionist. but also really easy because of the wash and partially defusing styling process involved.  

i love the bright jeans pairs with the neutral top and shoes. but i think it would also look great paired with a red or coral shirt. 

{Big A}
shirt gifted / shorts target / flip flops rainbow's / what he did worked the ninja pose, below.

this guy needs to be in theater. he's so animated and makes the best faces. the only trouble is that he doesn't like attention. as soon as anyone cheers for him, he shuts down and won't do it anymore. we're still trying to figure out how to encourage him to work through it, without forcing him to be our little dancing monkey. 

{little a}
dress old navy / sandals target / what she did a trip to the library (where she did a GREAT job not throwing fits!)

yep. she's doing much better. sure, she still has her moments... she will always be strong willed. but i definitely see a heart change in her. we've succeeded in going to the library several times now without any fits, even after i ask her to turn the computer games off. this is a big deal. 

she asked me to give her two braids, tied together in the back. it was pretty challenging since her hair is so short right there. she didn't care, even though she had a little sprout poking out the back. 

she's a girl who knows what she wants. 

and it's my job to make her want Jesus. 

i'm trying.

love, tara


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