Wednesday, May 2, 2012

what we wore wednesday

oh man, its been a long time since i've posted anything on this little blog. it seems as though i've taken a little unplanned blogging hiatus. 

sometimes i get in a funk. i don't feel like writing. i don't feel like getting dressed in pretty clothes worthy of pictures. i don't feel like taking pictures of my food and then editing them. and i just wonder why i do any of that stuff. what's the point, really? is it for me? is it for you? do you care? why do i care that you care? haha. 

anyway. i guess i'm back. and i'll start by posting about some clothes. 

i went to Marshall's last night to peruse the clearance isles, and happened to snatch up a couple of pretty things. first off are these fabulous shoes! i first saw them earlier yesterday on Kendi Everyday's blog, and when they were marked down at Marshall's i had to search for my size. i found my size 8's in the 5 1/2 section (sorry if you were hiding them there for later, i snagged 'em!) and an extra bonus was that i found a pair of 6 1/2's that were marked $10 cheaper, and the store honored the lower price. 


i also got this pretty shirt. with a neon yellow zipper down the back. such a fun detail. 

shirt Marshall's / jacket old navy from days of yore / jean's levi's from Macy's / shoes Franco Sarto from Marshall's / what i did drove Big A to school today instead of walked so i wouldn't kill myself and could keep my shoes on

it must have been bright. welcome back to my kid's photography. 

i'm also trying to embrace my natural hair because i saw this poster on pinterest and i thought it would be a good idea. i also started working out at 5:30am (wha?!) two days a week and this style is a lot easier than straightening.

did you miss these little faces? i bet you did. i couldn't leave them out. 

shirt hand-me-down / shorts Hurley hand-me-down / shoes chucks from Nordstrom Rack / what he did he's into ninjas now. so fickle. sorry super heroes, you got the boot. he has been asking me when daddy gets paid so we can go to the fabric store to buy blue fabric so i can make him a blue ninja costume. i said, "don't even trip, i can make you one from stuff in daddy's closet!" and then i did this

oh, hello blue ninja. 

{little a}
shirt target (too small, obvi) / skirt Carter's via TJMaxx / shoes target / what she did twirled, whirled, spinned, danced, and generally thought she really was a princess. 

welcome back. to me. to you in my life. what? i don't know. 




  1. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I love the shoes.
    They just say, "Hello Spring."


  2. TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ME Wendy!!!! you are the BEST BEST BEST and reading this made me miss you and feel like i was hanging out with you all at the same time. LOOOOVE YOU ;) oh, and you and your kids are adorable, of course!

  3. Adorable! I love Franco Sarto shoes. They are sooo comfy! I really love the top you had on Sunday too. I think it needs to be blogged. :D

  4. I LOOOVE that they honored the lower price and made a good deal that much better. Cute too! I have missed seeing your kids. Can you FaceTime? I just got the capability and Jewell loves to call her friends and cousins. Lots of love, Brandi


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