Saturday, May 12, 2012

font love friday

i've stumbled upon some typography that just made me gasp! this is my favorite font of the week.

ok, so i know it's Saturday... i meant to post this yesterday but got super busy. better late than never?

i love intro! such a fun font for a little boy. i knew it was perfect for the second in line of my bestie's kids, Ethan. he is such a sweet little ball of energy. he loves to be active and riding bikes is one of his favorite things, so i made sure to include one in this design. he also loves the color green so i went with a vibrant kelly green color. hopefully he likes the poster!

two down, two to go! Bekah, one of my best friends, has four kids and i'm working on a namesake poster for each one. such a fun project! 

what do you have going on today? i already did some crossfit and we're gonna take the kids to open gym to burn off some of their energy. it should be fun.

i hope you have a good saturday! 



  1. Well, since you I am going to nail down some hotel reservations for Hawaii...eeep!...can't wait to have some much needed alone-time with my husband! And I am currently sitting in my front doorway (looking at hotels online, via laptop), as Jack peers over the top of the baby gate while her brothers, sister, and neighbor friend have a "bike wash" out front!...lazy Saturday morning! Wish I could've done crossfit with you today. ;)


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