Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girl Time

so after my awesome trip to SD i came home and unpacked my bags. then i packed them again to head up to Hume Lake for a little weekend trip with the family. my husband told me that my daughter had a fever a couple days earlier but it went away so we were all ready to go. we like to leave for long drives during naptime to ensure that the kids sleep in the car. while my girl was sleeping she started coughing and it sounded TERRIBLE. i instantly had a bad gut feeling. missing my family and really wanting to spend the nice weekend away with them we kept driving. half way there and at the base of the mountain her cough started sounding more like a bark and i had to turn around. 

so the boys went without us and we had a little girl weekend. friday was shot due to 2 1/2 hours at the doctor and an hour waiting for a prescription for an ear infection. but i decided to make today a fun girlie day.

we woke up, discovered it was raining (what the?!?! i thought fresno was supposed to be like Hades this time of year, not that i'm complaining...), ate some eggs, and right after breakfast we did each other's make up. she chose a lovely shade of blue for my eyes and i chose lavender for hers. she applied my eyeliner and mascara like she was running from a rabid dog a pro. i unfortunately had to wash it off shortly after, but it was fun for pictures.

while i enjoy doing girlie things with her, i also crap my pants a little with this glimpse into the future.
soon to be 3 going on 13. ay. 
you couldn't pay me to leave the house like this. what?

later on i decided to use the 3 bananas that made me gag just looking at them were just a tad overripe for my taste to do some fun baking for banana bread. 

here she is, patting my left breast. one of her favorite things to do. i think she wants to just make sure they're still there since you can't ever really see them. hahahahahahaha

it's gonna be in there a full hour, sweetie.

don't we look so cute in matching aprons? a while back i made some wedding invitations for a friend whose daughter was getting married and we traded the aprons for the invites. she made them from a vintage table cloth and they are SO SOFT. i love love love them. 

the rainy day has been redeemed. what are you doing today? if it's not raining where you are and you are, say, at the beach or something... don't tell me. wink.

happy saturday!


  1. Tara, that was so funny! She looks SO OLD w/makeup on!
    AND< I don't like to wait an hour for my baked goodies either, so I usually put them in a big muffin tin (makes like 6 muffins) instead of a loaf. I wait 20 mins instead of an hour.

  2. megan, you are a baking godess/genius! i will be calling you before i bake anything from here on out!


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