Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back-to-School Party

today, after i picked my son up from school, we had a little Back-to-School party... a day late. i had every intention of doing it on the first day of school, but plans changed when we ended up looking for homes the entire 3 hours he was at school. that left me no time to bake cupcakes or make a mini-bunting. starting this tradition is really important to me, so i figured better late than never? 

we are currently not eating any grains and trying to follow the Paleo diet as closely as possible, so making yummy cupcakes was a little challenging. i have tried making carrot banana muffins recently and while they were a mighty tasty breakfast treat, they just don't have the right umph to make them party-worthy. so i took my trusty old Betty Crocker cook book and flipped straight to the recipe for carrot cake. i substituted 1cup almond flour + 1 cup tapioca flour for the 2 cups all-purpose flour and they turned out AWESOME. i will state here that these are NOT PALEO... but i tried. 

i also schmeared them with lots of cream cheese frosting, straight up. what? cheat day or whatever. 
i know you can't read the fact that the mini-bunting says, "back to school" because i used a silver marker. i will be fixing that before next year!

Big A was so excited. he gave me the sweetest "thank you" look then burried his face into my midsection. 

right now, i feel like a good mom. 



  1. that's because you ARE a GREAT mom! <3

  2. Good Job Tara :) Kids love the little things.

  3. Awesome Mommy. Way to go. 2nd day back is really the 1st day of school anyway.


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