Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

it's official, my boy is a Kindergartner. 

this morning he woke up at 6am and was dressed and ready to go by 8am. sounds nice but it actually made for pretty frustrating morning since he didn't have to be at school til 11:45. he followed me around the house all morning, literally. he told me, "mom, i'm following you around the house.". not cool. i was still preparing everything, since i would have "all this extra time since he has an afternoon class" to get him ready. 

yeah, right. 

then, we decided to walk him to school {the whole family} since it was only a block away. about 2 minutes into it i was kicking myself for not doing a practice run. my daughter stopped to look at fallen acorns a few times, then requested to be carried. and i practically had to drag my son because, all the sudden, he didn't feel like rushing. ha! after realizing he would be late my husband ran back and grabbed the car. 

even though it was pretty stressful, we made it through and got him off to his first day on time. he was welcomed by two friends he already knew, which i think is a great way to start a new adventure. 

i didn't cry. but i'm also still in denial. this will be a big change for our "fly by the seat of our pants" kind of family. but change is good. 

i welcome this new season of being a school-aged-child-mom, and all the after school snacks that will come with it. 


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