Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before & After: little girl dresser

i'm totally thrilled to be done with this major project! i recently purchased an old dresser from Goodwill that cost $65 for my daughter's big girl room. i usually have the habit of undertaking a large project {such as painting furniture} and then it sits around for half a year {or 5} before getting done. my husband usually tells me through gritted teeth lovingly reminds me to get it done or throw it out. so this time around i had the whole thing done in under a month! what progress!

i had a hard time nailing down the color i wanted to paint it. i really wanted to go bold and paint it a pretty aqua color, but knew i would probably get sick of it in 6 months and want to paint it all over again. i decided to go with a more timeless look and paint it Bedford Gray from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot. then i painted the border Picket Fence White from the same line. i got my inspiration from this room below.

i love these color combinations. next on my list of things to do for my sweet baby girl: get her a big girl bed. i've been on a relentless hunt for a twin size metal bed frame, and i will not stop until i find the perfect one! 

happy sunday!



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