Friday, August 26, 2011

my giant family

 for Christmas 2010 we gifted our entire family with a photography session with Jackie Wonders. we really wanted to give something lasting and thought this would be perfect. so in February of this year we made a trip down to San Diego and gathered everyone together in a little field and make Jackie, who was pregnant at the time, huff and puff while we did 445645684567 family arrangements for pictures. 

let me prepare you by saying that there will be A LOT of pictures. my husband and i both come from divorced parents. both of his parents are remarried, and my dad is remarried. you won't see my real mom in any of these pictures because she is not a big part of my life. being from broken homes has had it's great struggles over the years, and also many blessings. while there is a lot of love... there is also a lot of pain. we are not perfect, but God's strength is made perfect through our weakness (2 cor 12:9). and just like i said yesterday about God knowing what he was doing when he made me my daughter's mother, he also knew what he was doing when he placed each and every one of these people into our lives... and us into theirs. 

and we love them. 

my husband's side

my side

an EPIC picture of my giant family
my sister and her boyfriend

my sister's family and my brother

my husband's sister and brother-in-law

husband's sister's family

i like this one too

my dad and stepmom; my parents. 

stepparents are a gift straight from the Lord above. 

i don't know where i'd be without their constant prayer and support. 
not just a couple, but proud parents

my husband's mom and stepdad. 

i like this one.

i like this one too.

my husband's dad and stepmom.
this is a good one.
all the men on my side
all the men on my husband's side
all the woman on my side
all the woman on my husband's side




i love my nieces

my brother!
these pictures will be treasured, forever. 


  1. AWESOME!!!! it was the fams!!!

  2. I'm so glad you did this for your families. It is a testimony to your children and a treasure. Love all your smiley (and not so smiley) faces.

  3. Great photos!!! I love that your family is so mixed, yet can still get together for great photos like this. Seeing your husband's parents and their spouses all there at the same time is great. My husband's parents have split and won't be caught dead in the same room. What a blessing you have!

  4. Great Pictures! And what a neat idea for a gift :)


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