Friday, August 19, 2011

my favorite eight years

last week my husband and i celebrated 8 years of marriage. man, oh man... i feel so old. 

1998 + 2010

our wedding day

we were blessed with an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast in Oakhurst, CA. first time for both of us. it's one of those small towns that takes all of 2 seconds to get through, and you would never know it even existed (in fact, it probably wouldn't exist) if it weren't for it being the gateway to Yosemite. there were people from all over, speaking every different language, in this little blink of an eye town.

we enjoyed a night away from the kids, a mini-road trip, and dinner at an awesome BBQ restaurant called Todd's Cookhouse, where there is always a line and when they run out of food... they run out of food. it was TASTY.

i treasure these little getaways, as well as my loving husband. 

if i had to do it all over again i would still choose him. 


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  1. fun! i love oakhurst. they have the best thrift stores!! happy 8 years.


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