Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smitten Saturday: Back-to-School

yeah, i know my "business blog" had a weekly inspiration board called Smitten Saturday... but i really want to have one for this blog, too. but, i like doing it on Saturdays but i don't know what to call it. so for now, until i can figure something else out, i'm just gonna have two Smitten Saturdays... one here and one there. do you have any suggestions for what it should be called on Always Underfoot? hmmm....


my son will be starting Kindergarten on Monday. what the!?!? i know, i don't look a day over 20 and i have a kid starting school. crazy. but for reals, i am kind of freaking out. it's a mixture of emotions really. like, should i have home schooled? will he be cool? are there going to be bad boys that he will be attracted to that will badly influence him? can he flush the toilet after using it at school? is he too young, should we have waited a year? what if he's bored? 


let's revisit that "will he be cool?" question. i think about that one A LOT. i know it's shallow, but i do. i was NOT cool at all, so i want him to be cool. but not so cool he has a chip on his shoulder. he needs to be the right level of cool... like show choir cool. like me. show choir made me cool. ok, i was kind of cool, but not cheerleader cool. yeah, that would be good. 

wowzers. maybe i wasn't as cool as i thought i was. 

anyway, i love it when little boys are stylish and if i had the means i would buy him all this stuff. also, his birthday is coming up so if any of my family is reading this consider it a wish list. (obviously this stuff is pricey, but you get the idea!) wink!

No.1} stylish kicks
No.2} loving the layers on these boys. i just want to pinch their cheeks!
No. 3} coolest boy umbrella i've ever seen.
No. 4} this is adorbs. minus the chin strap for a big boy. but does it look too much like a bonnet?
No. 5} my mentor started a tradition of throwing a back-to-school party for her boy and i really want to do it too. and i think mine will look like this
No.6} these shoes are rad. 
No. 7} love stripes. love this backpack
No. 8} i also want to start a tradition of taking a "first day of school" picture each year. Blonde Designs blog has a free printable.
No. 9} one can never have too many shoes. never. 
No. 10} i basically want to dress my son head to toe Crewcuts. (if anyone from Crewcuts happens to be reading my blog *crossing fingers* and wants to send me free clothes i would happily oblidge!) hahahaheeeeheee ehhh. 

welp. there you have it. all my style dreams for my son. 

do you have a child starting school for the first time this year? crazy how time flies, huh? happy Saturday!

kiss kiss,

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  1. So PUMPED our kids are in the same class. We can go through it all together! :)


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