Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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i feel like i want to post something Thanksgiving-ish everyday this week, before the actual holiday itself is over too soon. it's my all time favorite holiday and i'm really trying to treasure it while it lasts. so many people are already putting all their fall foliage away and adorning their mantels with evergreens. the stores went straight from Halloween to Christmas and all the radio stations are playing Christmas music already. 

not me. i refuse. i shall not allow this most precious holiday pass before its own time. 

so today i will show you my autumn decor and also give a teensy sneak peak at our new living room. i won't do a final reveal until i finish the curtains, but that may take a while because we're saving up for curtain rods. 

since we got rid of the bookshelves/desk in the living room i no longer have a place to display my camera collection. this floating shelf in the dining room is going to have to do until i find a more permanent place. a little fall foliage peeking out from behind the cameras adds the perfect touch for the season.

i have had this fall foliage for several years. it was a sweet gift from one of my besties, Bekah. she's such a good mommy and always makes her house so lovely and cozy for her kids to have good memories around the holidays, and when i had my own kids she thought i needed some too! i added some to my sofa table, along with some pumpkins and the gifted Peanuts characters that were sent to my kids from their Nana and Papo. i can't wait to watch the movie with them sometime this week!

today Cherish came over with her boys (it's been FOREVER since we've hung out all together!) and we did a little craft making pinecone turkeys. mine is the one in the middle. the kids' turned out a little.... deformed creative, just the way we like them!

more foliage on the mantel, along with a "thanks" bunting. i love having a fireplace to hang things on... i just wish it was prettier. ick.

someone needs to give me a lesson in display photography because these next two pictures are awful! i have this weird ledge above my living room and everytime i try to take a picture the massive, low hanging, ceiling fan gets in the way. the ceilings are vaulted and super high so i have been struggling to fill the space with large objects. i feel like i've finally started getting somewhere with it, but i just can't take a picture to do it any justice. oh well, you get the point! i got the crates for $5 each at a produce store here in Fresno and filled them with lanterns and books. 

on the opposite side, by the stairs i have this massive chest that my husband and i bought when we first got married to use as a coffee table and extra storage. the typewrite was a garage sale steal and beneath it is another lantern and a pretty vase. i'll try to take better pictures for the real room tour. maybe i should unpack the rest of my wealmostmovedbutneverdidandnowwe'reignoringthatfact boxes from the garage and find my camera tripod.... 

here are some other fall decoration inspirations i've recently found on pinterest but didn't have time to do this year: 

i can still do this and keep it up for Christmas! double rainbows. 

so simple.

still so simple. also, charming.
 can you tell i'm into pinecones right now? 

pie banner! what! no. yes!

assortment of pretty pumpkins

this is amazeballs. i need one, yesterday.  also, the hutch and all the whiteware. thanks.

I HAVE TO MAKE THIS CUTENESS TOMORROW. I HAVE TO!!!! sorry for all the shouting. i can't help myself.
two more days til my favorite day! 

can't wait.

have you taken down your fall decorations yet? or are you a die hard "wait til the day after Thanksgiving" fan like me?


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