Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what we wore wednesday slash thanksgiving recipes

today has been such a lovely day. first, my darling husband let me sleep in and made the kiddos chocolate chip pancakes for breaky. then we all lazed around and caught up on our favorite show, My Little Pony. no joke. we ALL love it. it's hilarious. and clean. 

around 10am we decided to swing by the Kaiser Farmer's Market because the Dusty Buns food truck was parked there. we got there by 11:15 and thank goodness we did because there was a super long, slow moving line. we didn't mind waiting too much because it was such a beautiful day outside. while in line i figured i could use the time to take pics for today's what we wore. 

sister's outfit was actually picked out my moi, because she has been getting crazy with the fits about clothes and has thus forward lost privileges to picking out her own clothes. we are still discovering how much freedom is too much for her, and apparently she cannot have any in the clothes department. ANY. so she looks super cute in a $5 walmart dress, jeggings from Target, leg warmers i bought at the Holiday Boutique and i can't remember who from, and gifted clogs. 

eek! they have strawberries on them! adorbs. i tried to explain to her that leg warmers are really ankle warmers and are supposed to be scrunched down. i even showed her pictures on pinterest. she kept pulling them up all day. {this is where i pick my battles....}

i SWEAR we have never shown him the movie Godfather, despite what this pose might imply.

i can't remember if brother picked out his own outfit or if daddy did because i was not involved. it is cute nonetheless. and he's totally going through a bow tie phase right now and i love it. i need to make like 4565694356 bow ties so he can wear them with everything. yes, that is the sound of another project being added to the list.... also, a haircut. he looks like a ragamuffin. he doesn't want us to cut it because he wants it long and "slicked to the side like superman", and i quote. 

but it was starting to look a little mushroomy. 

the hizzy to the hott. mmmyes. he's wearing an American Rag shirt from Macy's.

i totally fell in love with the girly velvet bows that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has been posting on instagram so i made one out of left over flannel. its my new fav. i need more flannel. NEED. that beautiful cowl was traded for a bunting by my lovely friend Jen. she's working on an etsy sight so as soon as that's up i'll link her. 

close up of the bow. 

i also wore a black v-neck tee from Old Navy, gray cardi from Target,  Levi's, and these super cute flannel (!) flats from Payless. 

by the time it was our turn to order our food it was 1:00pm and i was so hungry i didn't take any pictures of the food. but my husband and i each had half of the Le Grilled Cheese sandwich (aged white cheddar with bacon and heirloom tomatoes) and the Dusty Bun sandwich (chipotle pulled pork with black slaw) and the mixed green salad with grapes and goat cheese. holy dang. so good. 

then we came home, put the kids down for nap/rest time and gave Couvie (Vancouver) a flea dip. please note: this is not our cat. he is our neighbors cat that lives in our yard and never leaves. we started feeding him because he was getting skinny and would never leave and meowed out our door and stared at us with sweet kitty boy eyes until we couldn't help it anymore. he's a lover. and we didn't want him getting eaten alive anymore. so i made him a warm bath in a tub outside, soaped him all down, then blow dried him. he purred, and kneaded my leg. then i fed him comfort food. them i let the kids hug him because i never do because he's always filthy and i don't want my kids to get fleas. 

then we got Big A a haircut. 

the end. 

now i will share all my most perfect and favorite recipes to make on the most wonderful day in all the year.... THANKSGIVING:

  1. turkey 101 by martha stewart. only i don't stuff the turkey with stuffing... i stuff it with lemons, onions, and garlic. something about eating bread cooked in a carcass makes me want to wretch. 
  2. roasted long beans with herbed butter. the butter is amazing and fresh green beans, roasted, are also amazing. 
  3. Grandma Peg's mushroom dressing, that has not yet been released to the public but will make me weep because i'm not having any this year. 
  4. i like to just roast yams and sprinkle with brown sugar and butter generously because its easy and still thanksgivingish. 
  5. this year i'm making mashed potatoes with cream cheese  because one year when we were living in orange county and didn't go to san diego for thanksgiving we went to a friends house and the mashed potatoes were INSANE and she said she put cream cheese in them. so i found this recipe on pioneer woman, and lets face it, everything she makes is gold. 
  6. today i made this apple-orange cranberry sauce and it made my house smell like Thanksgiving heaven. i hope it tastes the same.
  7. Costco pumpkin pie. its huge and perfect. and i don't want to mess up something as serious as pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving because it will send me to tears and ruin the holiday altogether. 
  8. and for an appetizer i got vanilla infused goat cheese rolled in cinnamon cranberries, also from Costco. should be ridic. 
the end, end. 

happy thanksgiving eve!

p.s. sorry about all the run-on sentences. wink.

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