Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the little things

i'm so glad so many of you loved our bedroom! and i think its hilarious that you think i'm funny, seriously... most of the time i cringe when i post stuff and think i'm going to offend someone because i tend to have diarrhea of the mouth/no filter. but i'm also starting to learn when and where its appropriate to use it and also that this is just me, and i'm ok with that. 

maybe it's because now i'm 30 and i am not as self conscious or care as much what other people think of me as i did when i was 20?? i don't know. all i know is i think farting is the funniest thing on earth and i like to decorate with plates. if i live to be 80 years old i expect to be sitting in a rocking chair, surrounded by rows of plates on my walls and laughing at my own farts. and i will be so happy. because i am learning to embrace the things i love. 

wow. crazy tangent. you probably didn't need to know all that. 

anyway, the other thing i'm learning to embrace is my love for bold prints. and knowing what i love when i see it. here are two perfect examples:

i walked into the fabric store, and literally, saw these prints and loved them instantly. then i proceeded to wear my husband down with my constant discussion about the deep love i have for them until he let me buy them. 

now i will make curtains out of them. 

and while i make curtains i'll be watching the Martha Stewart Classic Thanksgiving because i also love Martha and her awkward show where she cannot stand letting anyone else take the lead and it's so awesome that's these moments are documented on tape. 

so there you have it. 

farts. plates. yummy fabric. awkward Martha. 

these are the keys to my heart. 

what can i say? i'm easy to please. 


p.s. what do you love? specifically, what do you love about my blog? do you like seeing more posts about my house, my kids, hearing about my farts, cooking, the occasional craft, my marriage relationship {wink}, inspiration boards??? i love my readers and i would love some feedback to know what you love about this little place i call my own on the internet. 

more hearts. 


  1. I love that I can "catch" up with you in a way, late at night when you normally wouldn't be available. Especially with how far away you live now. It is just nice to be able to see your place, your children, talk about things that have stretched your faith or patience as a Mom. I love you!

  2. Your farts. All the way.

    and what brandi said. :)

  3. I'm so glad someone else thinks Martha Stewart is so awkward. I love her magazine, but can't stand watching her show. It makes me want to start twitching. :)

    ~amy doolittle


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