Monday, November 7, 2011

gallery wall

remember when i mentioned in the previous post that we're working on fixing up our rental a little? well... one of the things we are doing is (FINALLY) printing 4 years worth of family pictures, putting them in frames, and making a gallery wall in our living room. 

i have never really liked the layout of my living room. you can see previous pictures from last year here. and if you are one of my close friends you would know that i rearrange my furniture, a lot. pretty much anytime someone comes over it looks different. i think the problem is that the fireplace is the focal point of the room, and it's flanked by windows. the adjacent wall is huge... and ALL WALL. so i decided filling it with frames would give it its own distinction and also make a grand statement. 

Step No.1} in making a gallery wall is to collect frames. when we were down in San Diego we stopped by IKEA and picked up 10 Ribba frames. they're so cheap and look great. i also happened to find a set of 10 frames for $25 at Target recently and snagged those as well. 20 new frames! woot woot. 

Step No.2} is to arrange them. notice my photo above. i layed them all out to make sure they would fit the wall. 

Step No.3} is to put post it notes on each frame with the size, layout (portrait or landscape) and who's picture you would like to go in that frame. 

Step No.4} make a list of all the empty frames. i got to work picking my favorite ones to put in each one. that took FOREVER! we have sooooooooo many pictures and it was really hard to choose. 20 frames sounds like a lot, but they fill up quick. 

i'll update you on my next step in a later post! 

i'm off to go pick up all my pictures!

happy Monday!

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