Thursday, November 17, 2011

what we wore wednesday

thank you so much for all your feedback! that's really helpful and sweet. the majority of you seemed to just want to know what's going on in our lives, probably because you are my personal friend back home in San Diego... wink. i wasn't sure if you were all jonesing for an inspiration board and maybe that was the only reason you stopped by... i want to keep my readers happy! 

i guess you just love me! yes!

here is another "what we wore wednesday" with a little fall theme. being from Southern California i don't remember a big change in scenery when autumn arrives so seeing all the leaves change to my favorite colors makes me so happy inside. yesterday was Big A's class Thanksgiving party and since i'm the room mom i went in to help. i thought it would be fun to wear a fall inspired outfit. (sidenote: NONE of the kindergartners cared... ha!) i decided to take the kids outside for a little acorn hunt before school and some new background shots, since my garage door is getting a little boring. 

Big A is wearing a gifted jacket from Old Navy, gifted pirate tee from Target, skinny Quiksilver jeans and shoes from Nordstrom's rack.

little a is wearing a dress from Old Navy, gifted sweater from Target, knitted tights from Wal-Mart (i love them and want some for myself!), and gifted boots. (second sidenote: OHMAGOH, why does she look 15 in the middle picture??? i'm having visions of her in the future and it's creeping me out... STOP GETTING SO BIG!!!)

i'm wearing head to toe Target (for reals, Target needs to pay me for shopping there, my blog is straight up free advertisement for them because that's the only store i ever go.) minus the Ray Ban sunglasses and Bandolino boots. sorry about the awkward torso area shot. the kids refused to take pictures of me so i had to take them myself. this was the best i could do holding my phone at arms length. also, my hair is looking pretty crazy because i asked Ascot Friday how she styled her hair since it always looks so good... and i did what she said (wash hair at night, blow dry, braid, sleep. then style front in morning. my braid just made my hair look frizzy. i need to work on my french braids.) at least i tried something new?

it was such a fun day helping in Big A's class... big groups of little kids frosting cookies and trying not to eat them is the cutest thing ever. also, turkey drum stick head bands. RIDIC.

notice that this is his favorite face to make for pictures today. 

love and hugs and aheaping pile of pretty leaves to you all!,


  1. I try to leave you love and the computer rejects me saying I have no right to be on your page. Thats just wrong. Im your biggest stalker, I mean fan.
    I can't believe your kids wont take your picture. Have you tried bribes? I mean positive incentives? My J works very well when I speak in terms she understands like, "Can you please take my picture so I have time to get you a snack before we leave?" or "Whoever takes the best picture gets to pick what we listen to in the car." They look so cute. Big A is cracking me up with his faces and little A is so big. you are right about that. She is lovely. I love Target by the way. Love you more.

  2. Your hair is rad like that. I love it! It's very "Free People" circa Fall 2011. I'm going to try that trick but let's face it: my hair won't submit worth a darn.


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