Thursday, September 1, 2011

what we wore wednesday, which was yesterday

man, i have been a busy lady lately. this is part of the reason i am posting "what we wore wednesday" today. 

i was recently asked to create wedding invitations for 3 weddings (!!!), all pretty close together. i am now two down one to go... but it's been consuming all my time. i'm not complaining, but i'll be glad when i finish numero tres. mostly because my computer has been giving me problems. its so old its not worth upgrading, but we are not in a position to buy a new one... so i think it will be wise for me to take a break on invitations until we can save up enough to get a new computer. i'm totally bummed because i have TONS of Christmas card designs swirling around in my head.... boo. Costco photo cards for us this year.

 i'm thankful for what i do have, and also the time to focus more on figuring out what to do with all the paperwork my son comes home from school with everyday! that alone is a full time job! sheesh.

blah, blah, blah... i was totally just ranting. sorry! 

i have been feeling the need to resurrect "what we wore wednesday" for a couple weeks now. um, right about the same time i got a pinterest account! i love it. it sucks all my time up but now i know how to be more stylish with clothes i already had. 

photo by big A

the scarf in my hair is from a garage sale i went to recently. i think i paid 50 cents. i have been collecting scarves lately for my mentor. she is currently undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and i thought a nice way to serve her was in helping her stay fashionable, even with no hair. this particular scarf is pretty small, i don't think she would get too much coverage out of it. i love my new messy bun hairstyle, its so easy when its day number 5 that i haven't washed my hair and i can't do anything with it! i was inspired by this hair tutorial. i'm also wearing a navy blue shirt from TJ Maxx and cut off jeans. my shoes (not seen here) are tan cork wedges from Target. 

photo by little a

big A "Cut-A-Diamond Boy" (he likes to make up his own superhero names now) is wearing his beloved Transformers t-shirt and some vibrant plaid shorts. along with that he chose his navy blue chucks and a stick sword. um, and a sweet pose. as usual. also, an intense face. i HAVE GOT to get this boy into some kind of acting, he's ALWAYS in character. always. 

this little missy is wearing her Enchanted Princess t-shirt and a hand me down velvet skirt. flip flops from Old Navy. she also "fixed" her own hair today. and this is her "frozen from twirling" pose. nice. 

when i first started posting about what we wear i did it to aid in my losing control over unimportant things. (also, to document the ridiculous outfits they picked out to embarrass them later as adults. what?) and one thing i've discovered is that we're all happier in the morning because there aren't battles over what to wear... but also, my kids know how to dress themselves. crazy. no embarrassing childhood photos here. 

sorry future me. 


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  1. come make your christmas cards at my house!
    we need another almost all nighter


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