Thursday, September 8, 2011

Always Adoring: family room couch vote

that's right. i said Always Adoring. yes, i realize they both start with A's. i can't help myself. there are two things i love most in life (not ANYWHERE close as much as my family... and yellow cake...but still) and they are alliteration and matching. hence the reason i'm always trying to make up blog titles that are so cutesy aaaaand i like my eye shadow to match my sweater, and earring, and purse. BARF! i can't help it. so you better get used to it. 

so now that i'm over planning out all the decorations for our {possibly} new kitchen... Lord willing... i'm on to the next inspiration for our {possibly} new family room, below.

view from hall entry
 ok. first things first. if this place becomes our sweet baby the first thing i'm gonna do, after painting, is chip away at those hideous '90's contemporary tiles. ick. some people like them, i do not. 
view from kitchen
 i would really prefer to have something classic, and timeless. also, something that will give it long lasting appeal, way after we're gone. something like white glass subway tile. yeah, that's it. 


view from back doors
since it isn't a ginormous room, i think it would be best to get a smallish couch and two chairs flanking the fireplace. the (currently non-existent) flat screen T.V. would be mounted over the fireplace to save precious floor space. one thing i know for sure, besides how much i hate the tile on the fireplace, is that i want to paint the room a dark teal color. living in apartments my whole life (read: WHITE WALLS EVERYWHERE!!!) i would like to go bold and rich. so you will have to visualize all the items below against a darker palette. going so dark means the options for furniture need to be on the lighter side. i've narrowed it down to two options. 

without further adieu.... i give you GRAY COUCH vs. TAN COUCH. dun. DUN. DUN.....

i luh-huv this room. i almost didn't do a tan couch version cause i just loved this one so much. it's sophisticated and playful. 

No.1} these curtains would be nice and airy hung over the french doors leading to the pool. plus, it would be a nice contrast to the darker wall. 
No.2} i feel like this cardboard taxidermy would make it feel more casual as opposed to the formal living room. 
No. 3} i love this print
No. 4} and this print.
No. 5} and this print.
No. 6} gray couch. cheap and washable. yes please!
No. 7} i love this pillow
No. 8} and this pillow
No. 9} and this pillow
No. 10} dreamy chair. dreamy, dreamy chair. 
No. 11} i would paint something like this white.
No. 12}  playful rug. not so expensive i would cry over spilled milk either.

once i finished the board for this room, i loved it just the same. they're like my children. how can you admit to loving one more? now i can't choose. this one is more on the eclectic side and still playfull... but it all looks so nice together. 

i. love. color. 

No. 1} these curtains are like the sunshine.
No. 2} i think i just love this cardboard taxidermy, and i don't care who knows it. 
No. 3} Wizard of Oz was one of my favs growing up. this print is one of my favs.
No. 4} this print is so bright and graphic.
No. 5} um, i love California. can you tell?
No. 6} tan couch. still cheap. still easy to clean.
No. 7} i love this pillow
No. 8} and this pillow
No. 9} and this pillow
No. 10} the name of this chair is "cute-as-a-button". true story.
No. 11} i love polka dots. i love polka dot rugs.

ok guys. which is your fav? 



  1. Thought I liked gray more, but then I feel like the tan one is more inviting...warmer I suppose.

  2. most def the gray. i won't come to your house if you do the other colors. just kidding, but i really like the first color combo a lot. :-) maybe i should redecorate our house to match. we already have an aqua wall...

  3. Gray is warmer, tan is more playful....I like them both. Teal is one of my fav's. What color is your carpet?

  4. Gray! For sure. You know I'm a sucker for that whole turquoise color palette. You may need a contrasting color for some extra pop but in terms of couches, my vote is for gray all the way.

  5. i vote tan. bohemian and not matchy matchy.
    i need help with my inspiration board. um and my mantle. and my gallery wall. and my master bedroom. wow i just need help!!


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