Wednesday, September 7, 2011

what we wore wednesday

today IS Wednesday, right? i'm all thrown off since Monday was a holiday. 

today was such a battle to get my kids to cooperate for "what we wore Wednesday". they DID NOT want to be in pictures and they most certainly did not want to take any pictures. especially not of me. i found myself telling my kids, "please take a picture of mommy, just do it. obey!" um, super awkward. but i have a commitment here people. i mean, i know you all race to your computer every Wednesday to see how cutting edge my little family is! ha! 

i do feel bad, i mean this isn't that important, i'm the only one who really cares. it was just coming down to an obedience thing, i had to win. weird thing to win at... but i'm the mom. 

so first up is Big A. 

this picture is terrible, something went wrong and the quality is bad but you get the point. he chose a sea foam green tee from Target, and gray shorts, also from Target. the navy blue slip ons are from Nordstrom's Rack, and the lanyard with the froggy toy on the end that you can't see is what he won for selling $25 worth of cookie dough yesterday. (he got two more froggies today!) he asked to have his hair slicked and is posing like "Captain America throwing his shield". perfect. 

 next we have little a. 

the tiny purple flower tank is from Old Navy and i made the circle skirt using this tutorial. (um, it's really hard to cut out a perfect circle, don't mind the fact that it's really an OVAL!) flippies from Old Navy as well. the darling backpack that is 3/4's her size was a gift from my sister for her birthday, and of course you have to have your Hello Kitty lunch box! (she wanted to wear all this to drop Big A off at school.) 

then there was me. 

this is probably the 6th attempt at a full body shot, in focus. neither of my kids would put any effort in (hence the fact that Big A is drinking his smoothie in the shot). but alas, we prevailed. i'm wearing a coral colored tee, navy blue Gap skirt, thrifted tan belt, and thrifted mocs. oh, and thrifted bracelet. 

ugh. these guys. next time i'm going to bribe them with gum. 



  1. I love What we wore Wednesday!!

  2. I couldn't tell you were wearing a belt at first and thought you were wearing a half top. You have a rockin' bod, but I'm glad you didn't take A to school in a half top : ) Love your skirt.

  3. Love you. Totally understand the attitude thing. Today Jewell was past the point of no return and I knew I would end up threatening something I didn't want to carry through on so I started ignoring and that really bothered some people, but I came home sane!


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