Thursday, September 22, 2011

weekly "craftening"

craftening. you know "craft" + "evening". duh. 

ok, i know crafternoon sounds better but we just didn't do it in the afternoon. we did it in the evening. so i had to come up with something clever and that's all i got. 

pretty much every week since school started for our kids, Cherish and i have been having craftenings. before that we were having weekly play dates and just sitting around talking about doing crafty stuff... but now that the boys are all in school, and at opposite hours, we can never see each other during the day. MAJOR bummer. mostly for us, but i know the kids miss each other too. so now we meet when all our kids are in bed and stay up way too late making good use of all the DIY stuff we pin on Pinterest. 

this week i decided to make a yarn letter for my new front door and Cherish wanted to make a bunting for her mantel. 

this is probably the 3rd or 4th picture we tried to take of ourselves with my instagram app, in my kitchen with bad lighting, at night. the first couple were forced and we didn't look like we were having much fun. i can assure you we were. noted above. i think we were both just SUPER tired. she had been up since 3:15am that morning (F.) and i had no excuse. 

i almost crapped myself several times over this dang yarn letter. we all know i'm OCD and trying to get perfectly horizontal lines with my yarn EVERY TIME was totally freaking me out. i may or may not have hyperventilated, almost thrown it, or cried. depends on which one of us you talk to.


Cher-bear had to figure out how to tune me out whilst accordion folding, whilst i watched. i may or may not have given her judgemental glances for not using the ruler while she made each fold. again, it depends on who you talk to. 


i'm thankful to have a friend that will put up with my issues and even talk me down from the edge when i need it. i'm also thankful we pretty much love all the same things. 

Cherish. you complete me. 

too much?

oh well. it's true. 



  1. Oh my goodness. I laughed so many times whilst reading this post! You are awesome.

  2. This was so fun to read! You make me smile!

  3. i had so much fun. you are my fave. for serious

  4. you should add a picture of the finished product your "n" looks AWESOME


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