Friday, September 16, 2011

what we wore wednesday

 i am wayyyy behind this week. but that's ok because this is my blog and i'm allowed to give myself freedom in when i'm making posts. its good for me to get out of routine occasionally. i'm growing.

both the kids were sick over the weekend and Big A missed two days of school this week. plus, i hung out with Cherish on Wednesday night and stayed out too late. i still feel like i'm catching up on sleep after that. but it was so worth it. my time with her is always quality. i love her. she is part of why i love Fresno. wait, did i just say i love Fresno? eh. maybe.

i still struggle with this "what we wore wednesday". it is so awkward taking pictures of yourself for all the world to see. i look at so many other blogs, whether fashion or just mamas documenting outfits, and they all look so cute with their poses, sitting pretty with their babies. i always wonder what the behind the scenes are for those cute blogs. do those mamas get frustrated when their kids don't want to take pictures. who takes the pictures for them. are they all, "where should i look, down at my feet, or thoughtfully in the distance?"... ha, it's all just so funny! i guess i'm just not comfortable behind the camera.

in case any of you are wondering what this photo shoot was like, i will tell you. and make sure to hold on to your britches, because it was action packed and filled with drama. 

Little a was driving her all-terrain sweet quad over mounds off dried grass and boulders when i called to her saying, "come here". and she did. then i took this picture. 

riveting. i know. 

Big A's process was much like Little a's. he was there, i called him here. he got his game face on and shot me this wicked smolder, and i pointed and clicked. done.

this week the kids did better at taking my pictures. Big A is the one i trust more holding my iphone, and he knows to make sure to get my head AND my feet in the shot. he said, "mom, i got your shoes, don't worry!". 

for reals. 

what am i doing to my kids? 

anyway. i got my loafers for $6 from a thrift store and love them! i just don't know how to wear them. i made a board on Pinterest and this was one of the photos i pinned as inspiration for my outfit. 

not quite the same, but i'm trying to work with what i've got!

i'm just excited that my hair is now long enough to put in a side braid. it makes my "get up and go" lifestyle so much easier. this week, i washed my hair during my evening shower, then never styled it. i've been doing a lot of messy buns and side braids. i was thinking of growing out my bangs, but i saw some old pictures of myself with bangs and now i'm changing my mind. 

also, i only wash my hair like every 5 days or something icky and stinky like that... so i recently bought some dry shampoo, thinking my hair would be less icky and stinky by the 5th day. WRONG. not only did my hair stay icky, now it looks like I HAVE DANDRUFF AND AM GOING GRAY. it leaves this weird grayish powder/film at your roots. my husband got real close to my scalp and announced that it's flaky. 

not hot. 

if you come in for a hug today you're gonna get the side-hug shut down. for your own sake. 

x x (<------ little hug, little hug),


  1. dry shampoo is real tricky. i think you have to buy the pricey brands, otherwise you get dandruff! i love bumble & bumble, and now I use a bed head one that is good. You have SUCH a pretty face Tara. Your hubs is lucky to have you by his side.

  2. megan is right! do not buy cheap dry shampoo. i have heard that the bed head is good...i use oscar blandi and it is uh-mazing!!! it brushes in really well, and disappears. i buy the little bottle for $9 and it lasts me A YEAR. yes, A YEAR. i use the kind you sprinkle in manually, not the spray kind. you use a lot less and have more control over where it goes. it is definitely one of my favorite things in my med cabinet.

  3. awww i love fresno because of you too.
    hah i have been here my whole life. why'd it take you so long to get here!?!
    you & your kids and outfits are super cute and totally not awkward at all.


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