Sunday, September 11, 2011

switching it up

last night i made a few changes to the blog. i added some photos of my fam over in the side bar -----> and some "about us" text. while i think what she said is true of most parents of young children, i must give credit where it is due. i was heavily inspired by a young mom in the blog world, whom i have never met, that i pray for regularly. i stumbled upon her a couple years ago for some cute crafty thing she made and have been a regular reader since. i love her humble heart. as the years have passed her life has taken some unsuspecting turns. if you'd like to read her story and join me in praying for her you can click on the link i provide below. 
having 5 kids, i think Megan Russell said it best, over on her blog Night Song
"one day there will be no…
living room floor strewn like an obstacle course with legos.
trail of flip-flops littered from front door to stairs.
shoulder of my shirt smeared with cheeto stained fingers.
juice spills on the freshly mopped kitchen floor.
grimy handprints adorning the door frames.
sticky fruit snacks and graham crackers ground into the car mats.
middle of the night interruptions for bad dreams. or water. or snuggles.
noses being wiped on my leg.
made-up songs and stories bombarding for my attention.
fights to break up over who had what first.
songs to sing to sleepy little heads in bed.
car seats to buckle. and unbuckle.
boogers smeared on the walls.
complaints of “i don’t like this…” at mealtime.
whiny voices clamoring for snack-time.
bottles to fill in the middle of the night.
wiggly teeth to be lost. and hidden under pillows.
tangled hair to comb through and braid.
diapers to change. bottoms to be wiped.
scraped knees to pray for. and kiss. and bandage up.
little voices calling my name through the house.
funny stick people art and comic strips drawn just for me.
interruptions while i’m in the bathroom.
stories to be read. and told.
bikes+scooters being ridden in the kitchen. and over my toes.
new stunts or creations to be admired.
little people smothering me on the couch during movie time.
and i will miss it so. every little thing.
may i savor each detail while it is here and now.
oh. how much richer my life is because of them."
xoxo, tara


  1. Where is your dress from in the picture of you and D? I love it. Love you, you are a blessing to so many T!

  2. got it from Buffalo Exchange in SD over the summer. it's my fav. love you!


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