Friday, September 23, 2011

monogram yarn letter

remember when i had my "craftening"? well, this is what i made! and i LUH-HUV it!!!!. eeek. 

i'm starting to let down my guard a little with this whole new house thing.... which i should really be careful because anything can happen. but for now we really feel like the Lord keeps opening the doors and we keep just walking through them. 

i know i've totally made inspirations boards for different rooms in the house, but this is the first thing i've actually MADE with it in mind. the new house is white with black trim and a brick red door, so i thought this pretty shade of blue would look just lovely hanging on it. i found a tutorial for the rick rack rosettes here. i also made clip on earrings for little a with them a couple weeks ago and she loves them. 

i think they are my new favorite craft. what else can i put them on? hmmm.... 

happy friday everyone!


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