Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i love to plan a good party. i love making invitations for parties, coordinating snacks for the theme of the party, making decorations for parties, cooking yummy food and giving it name tags for parties... i just LOVE PLANNING PARTIES!!!! 

well, Big A recently turned 5. and i did not plan him a party. sad. 

it partly had to do with the fact that we didn't throw little a some big party back in June because we had been home from Hume SD for only two weeks and i didn't have time, and partly because we are saving our pennies to get into *crossing fingers, saying a little prayer* new house

plus, like 75% of the people he wanted to invite are in San Diego... boo. for the several days leading up to his big day he would announce people he wanted to attend. "mom, i'm inviting chloe, ethan, and liam. but not baby jack because no babies are allowed at my party. and make sure you tell auntie jackie to bring emery. but not baby wren because there are no babies at my party. also, noah. and don't forget rylan and hayden. can ms. cherish bring daisy and olive too. yeah, we can have dogs. but no babies." 

for someone who loves pregnant woman as much as my son does, he will kick you to the curb once that baby comes out. see proof above. 

we still wanted to make his day extra special. so all day long he got all his favorite things. for breakfast i made him Paleo Crepes with non-paleo Nutella and banana slices, scrambled eggs and avocado. mmmm. i think it's my fav too.

Paleo Crepes:
1c coconut flour
1c coconut milk
1 egg
mix. pour about 1/4 c in small non stick pan. flip. eat. 

after breakfast we heard some weird noise like the wizard working behind his curtain from the Wizard of Oz so we ran outside to see what all the commotion was about. it was just some hot air balloons (!!!!) floating over our house, no biggie.

they were apparently landing across the street. we saw four huge ones right over our heads. i have no idea what it was all about but i told Big A they were giant balloons for his birthday. he loved it. 

we had been receiving packages in the mail from our family and friends all week and they were just sitting there waiting for him to open them. some special gifts he got were the Thor costume shown above (and little a scored a belated Princess Aurora costume as well!), a Wolverine Costume, transformers watch, books, clothes, jammies, gift cards, and a giant Optimus Prime. i'm sure i missed something, and we're still expecting another box to arrive this week. i think he made out big time!

for a special treat we took him to Chuck E. Cheese. we ate terrible food and played lame games, but the kids loved it so that's all that matters! 

Big A requested the carrot cake i made for his Back-to-School party, but i totally blew it. i made them as cupcakes before and had no problem with them, but this time they did NOT want to come out of the cake pan! 

so instead of a pretty frosted, layered cake, we ate it ghetto style straight from the pan! it still tasted just as good! and i'm pretty sure he didn't even notice.

this is my first year with a child in school so i got really excited to make cookies for his classroom the next day. 

rocket sugar cookies, straight up.

i let the kids decorated them. so messy. so fun. his friend from school said they looked like toes. i can see that. ha! 

this boy felt special. party or no party. job well done.

the fact that my baby is 5 coupled with all the gray hairs i'm pulling out lately is really starting to make me feel old. but i'm loving all the experiences that come with each new day!



  1. such a fun day for him.
    happy birthday asher!

  2. Fun mama! Sweet rocket toe cookies.

  3. Love the way you made Big A's day so special!! Love the Rocket toe cookies as well!


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